Patrice Lumumba and colleagues in Brussels in January of 1960, one year before the Belgian government assassinated him.

Freely elected leader of DRC, Patrice Lumumba and colleagues in Brussels, one year before his murder by the Belgian government. Credit: Harry Pot via Wikimedia

A Single Gold Tooth

Business Obscura Aug 22, 2022

1960 was the Year of Africa.

17 nations declared independence from their colonial parasites and held democratic elections.

But parasites don’t give up the host easily.

In the newly formed Republic of the Congo, Pan-Africanist poet and scholar Patrice Lumumba was elected as the first prime minister, taking office in June of ’60. By September, he was ousted in a CIA-backed plot, and in January of 1961 he was executed and his body dissolved in acid by agents of the Belgian government.

While Lumumba was painted as a communist for daring to even speak with the soviets, western interests stonewalled every effort he made to share Congo’s riches with the Congolese.