A giant squid and a sperm whale, battling in the dark.

The squid and the whale, stumbled upon at the American Museum of Natural History. Photo by Author.

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Hypnos Jul 18, 2022

Been wandering, so I haven't written.

I had friends in town, then I jumped on a train up to Maine. I spent 4 days wandering Manhattan, then 3 days digging under a house built in 1792.

It was a week in the company of two very different married couples.

The folks in Maine are white folks in their 70s, and busy restoring an old house. They get up early.

My friends who visited from Tucson are working parents - Black and Latino, who stole a few days to visit the city. They stay up late.

But despite their differences, both of these couples are using Alternative Navigation.

The ancient Greeks had two gods of time.

One is Chronos, who governs measured, sequential time.