An overseer shaking a stick at peasants harvesting grain. Forced births decrease labor’s bargaining power.

Lord directing his serfs, circa 1310. Credit: Ann Scott via Wikimedia

Roe vs. Wade Repealed by Big Business, Not Churches

Sundry Events Jun 30, 2022

There's no question that religious nutjobs want to control women and return to some idealized puritanical past that never existed.

However, religious agendas are commonly undergirded by the economic interests of elites.

After the Black Plague killed tens of millions of Europeans in the 1350s, the peasantry suddenly had a lot more negotiating power. Land-owners had to compete for labor to work their fields.

And with less dependents and less competition, peasants could suddenly demand better conditions and better pay.

More peasants = less labor power.

Seen through this lens, it's obvious that the Roe vs. Wade repeal is about labor, not religion.

In the United States we have an aging, weakening population, and not enough people to do the truly challenging jobs that keep this economy running.

Repealing Roe ratchets up control over the poor, already in overdrive with shameless usury, terroristic policing, rising quotas and rising costs for basic necessities.

Without access to abortion, and with another mouth to feed, it's harder for women and family men to reject jobs with lousy treatment and lousy pay.

And in the next generation, forced births will increase the size of the labor pool, driving down the bargaining power of individual workers.

This will drive down costs for employers, allowing them to maintain profits despite  the prolonged and probably terminal period of economic contraction ahead.

This is why Roe vs. Wade was repealed despite enormous public support.

Funny how the business folks always seem to get the religious folks to carry water for them.

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