How to Argue

Layers May 31, 2022

We hominids are terrible at disagreeing. For better and for worse, we're most comfortable around other beings that look, act, and think like we do.

Our needs for psychological and physical safety have caused us to prioritize group cohesion over careful thought. But now we have the internet, and a lot more social situations where we're allowed or even encouraged to disagree.

So while we have more opportunities to disagree than there used to, it's not a skill that we've developed as societies or individuals. And I think we should.

Disagreement, when done well, expands knowledge, integrates the unconscious, and gives us a clearer picture of reality.

I hope you'll take a moment to examine the image above and read the brief source material linked below.

The image was created by designer Anna Vital, from an essay called "How to Disagree", written by Paul Graham.

Read Graham's original essay here.