The magnificent palace of The Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. The painting is bright and warm, showing the fort under a blue sky.

The Alhambra. Credit: Samuel Colman, 1865

How America was Born in an Islamic Palace

Apr 2, 2022

As the 80-year empire of the USA continues it's propaganda-induced meltdown, lots of us are desperately trying to hang on to the glory days.

This is affecting me too.

I've been fantasizing about movie theaters in the 1980s. The futuristic patterns in the worn carpet. The sound of the popcorn machine. The weird stickiness on the floor. I didn't know how fortunate I was to live those days.

But nostalgia is dangerous. It invites fantasy. And humans are most susceptible to this when our proud civilizations are just beginning to lose their grip. Later, we'll be too busy coping with the harsh realities of now.

Of course, many people across the globe are already living in hell. They are starving in Yemen, Beirut, and Baltimore. But here in "The West" most of us have let a fantasy of electric cars and endless growth cloud our vision. We have yet to realize what lies in front of us.

The hard truth is that we are headed for a squeeze. Products cannot continue to flow as freely as they have. Portable energy and free expression will become increasingly scarce as elites try to maintain control of their increasingly unwieldy beheamoth.