Credit: David Shankbone via Wikimedia

Suze Orman is a Creep

Jerks Apr 1, 2022

File this under 'things you already know'. Suze Orman is a scam artist. For decades, the self-proclaimed "World's Personal Finance Expert" has collaborated with media outlets and financial institutions to chisel money out of the pockets of vulnerable Americans.

Below is an engaging documentary about her arrogance, lies, and thievery. At the end, there's a long list of celebrities and politicians who aided and abetted Orman's rise to influence and fame, including Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Warren, and Anderson Cooper.

I encourage you to watch this documentary, because it will help you see a dark triad manipulator at work (always attack, never apologize), and also show how our media establishments support and encourage the fleecing of their audiences.

I have to share this top comment from Youtube:

As I get older, it constantly amazes me just how many so-called "successful" people are really lying, cheating sociopaths. - Rob Gravelle

Eyes wide shut my friends. Eyes wide shut.

Here's the documentary by filmmaker Sharon Janis, who helped create the Suze Orman monster. (75 minutes.)