Sundry Events

Sundry Events

Sundry events posts are brief and usually feature me putting my hat on someone else's cat.
The Eisenhower Box. Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete. Where does renaming post offices fit?

The Federal Government is Busy (Renaming Post Offices)

A waste of executive resources, or an essential function of government?
4 min read
Prince William being carried in a chair. Monarchy is incompatible with democracy.

Monarchy is Incompatible With Democracy

Dipping our toes into the corruption, backroom deals, and hypocrisy of the British 'royal' family.
3 min read
An overseer shaking a stick at peasants harvesting grain. Forced births decrease labor’s bargaining power.

Roe vs. Wade Repealed by Big Business, Not Churches

Projected labor shortages are behind Roe vs. Wade forced-births decision.
3 min read
A tattered first edition from 1909 of an old book, open to the first page, with the cut-out forward on the left side.

To the Barricades for Books

Sundry Events: The power of old books, libraries, and the thin red line between civilization and barbarism.
2 min read