Rocks vs. razorwire, automatic weapons, and attack helicopters. Israel is an apartheid state, committed to silencing critics. Photo Credit: IDF

The Lobby

Business Obscura Aug 4, 2022

To play the victim whilst attacking. This is oe of humanity's most insidious tricks.

Below is a in-depth video investigation by Al Jazeera into the behind-the-scenes work of Israel to disrupt and silence the Palestinian Human Rights Movement.

It demonstrates how Israel exerts a good deal of anti-democratic pressure on the US and UK political systems. It's a scathing indictment of Israel's arrogance, and also of the US and UK political systems (of which undo influence is a feature, not a bug).

If you watch closely, The Lobby also reveals the playbook for all Lobbying and Public Relations efforts, and just how anti-democratic they truly are. Christian groups, corporations, and gun rights activists all use these same tactics.

And finally, The Lobby is also an indictment of you and me.

This investigation lays bare a pattern of denial, victimhood and attack that is familiar to anyone who's had an abusive boss, priest, family member, or friend.

Yet we rarely speak against them, because it can be socially, financially, and physiologically damaging to question a victim narrative, especially when they're as powerful as Israel.

The Jewish people have suffered greatly over the centuries, no doubt. That does not give them permission to persecute others.

And as this investigation shows, Israel's PR flacks, intelligence operatives, and lobbyists are more than willing to cry anti-semitism at the drop of a hat, if it'll shut down legitimate criticism of their grotesque treatment of the Palestinian people.

On the surface, this is a story about Israel. But deeper down, we need to see and change our subconscious models, and learn to discern when people are legitimately hurting, and when they are simply trying to tilt the playing field in their favor.

Victims can be aggressors too. And it's one of our great human failings, our inability to see people as heroes, victims, and villains all at the same time.

The Lobby: S1 (UK)

Part 1: 26 mins.

Part 2: 27 mins.

Part 3: 26 mins.

Part 4: 26 mins.

The Lobby: S2 (US)

Part 1: 42 mins

Part 2: 50 mins

Part 3: 50 mins

Part 4: 50 mins