A square maze, as if drawn on the back of a napkin.

Wrong turns in the maze are a feature, not a bug. Credit: William Henry Matthews

The Maze

Feb 1, 2022

The maze symbolizes the gateway to the unconscious.

You must travel the maze

to cross the threshold

to gain access to higher perceptions.

One enters the maze freely, expecting to encounter

dead ends


frivolous thought.

Enter the maze with slack. Move fluidly, with little regard for purpose or prisa. The more we trust our intuition, the more the maze welcomes us.

Once the price is paid in hope and wonder (and alpha waves), the maze reveals its secrets. The trance begins. Insights take root. Transformation begins.

What is described above is real technology that is available to all humans, to varying degrees. It is hard-wired into us. It is central to how our brains and bodies cooperate to create consciousness.

Entering the maze is symbolic, archetypal language for a scientifically describable process. It is the intentional shift in the frequency of our dominant brainwave patterns, from beta to theta, in order to access the vast stores of information contained within the individual, and the collective subconscious.

Perhaps I am being overly coarse, but this big bucket describes meditation, tapping, hypnosis, trance (including dancing), accessing the parasympathetic nervous system, and a host of other activities that are all designed to do roughly the same thing.

The language does not matter. The modality is simply a vehicle, of which there are many.

The maze is a passage into the unconscious mind.

One could describe this trip into the unconscious as a kind of ‘interior mining’.

Less dangerous and more rewarding than the mining we do on the skin of the earth,  but not without risks.

Going into the deep down inside ourselves is nourishing, warming, and transformative. But occasionally there is toxic poison down there too, just like in a uranium mine.

Note that the maze itself is not the unconscious.

It is simply a gateway.

To find your way into the unconscious, first you must wander the maze.

This is, in a very real sense, a direct relationship to god.

In our modern societies, we have been told to mistrust and disbelieve in this pre-installed technology which each of us possess.

This opens the door, for our subconscious material

and our brainwave states

to be co-opted by the forces of ‘Public Relations’, that exist to mold and shape our opinions, beliefs, and actions

to fit the agendas

of our occulted



No wonder then, that we so frequently find ourselves in brainwave patterns dominated by high-beta.

Fight or flight.




But let us remember.

Tickets to the maze are free. You can dole them out to yourself anytime you wish. Once you enter the maze, follow the instructions above. Do not memorize a route. That will not work.

The more you enter the maze, the easier the prize is to find.

The trick is to understand


on the other side

a different rule set

must necessarily apply  ..

What is the prize?

The prize is unconscious insight.

Internal knowing.


The piercing of a lie.

A hidden road.

A better course of action.

No hegemon on earth or beyond, can take this from you.

A youth, framed by the moon, protected by a tree, gazing deeply into an orchid.
Where can one find the maze? Credit: Maxfield Parrish

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