A warehouse full of Nike shoes in the 1980s. Credit: https://flic.kr/p/fNETvS

Credit: Tyne and Wear Archives

The Wager

Mar 7, 2022

If you show me a product that does not have environmental degradation OR human exploitation embedded in it, I'll send you $100.

I can make this wager, because there are no such items in your home.

Here's the rules:

  1. The product was manufactured for sale by a company or an individual.
  2. For every component used in the final product, every step of the supply chain  can be included in the analysis.  
  3. The supply chain of tools and inputs used in the production process can also be included in the analysis.
  4. Because information about suppliers and individual companies are often kept secret, industry standards and practices will be included in the analysis, unless proof can be offered that the individual company does not engage in these behaviors.
  5. Environmental degradation means the production of harmful waste or the destruction of pristine environment.
  6. Human exploitation means systematic underpayment and/or a pattern of physical or psychological abuse. In short, if people that work there are complaining about mistreatment, then mistreatment exists. Believe workers.

Post your item (just need company and product name) in the comments below and I'll present my analysis within a couple of days. If you find a product free of degradation or exploitation according to the standards above, I'll send you $100.